3/7/2018: Today was SAT day for the juniors so we stayed in the computer lab. As the day being before TAG-IT, we all kind of we were in a state of relaxation, but I still revised the five page essay that I turned in last semester because I plan to use some of it in my final paper for Thesis.
3/1/2018: Today I researched the best cameras and equipment that I should use to take the best photos of the work I do. I have a canon camera and a ring light and that is good for now because the ring light helps to capture the true colors of the makeup and it doesn't distort the colors to portray a false coloration.
2/27/2018: I watched tutorials over three different looks that I want to try to recreate this weekend. I watched tutorials from Daisy Marquez, Desi Perkins and Aidette Cancino. I am going to try to recreate a bronzey look that will look the best at a day event.
1/12/2018: During this class period I made a list of materials and new supplies I might need to be more prepared for my future clients. I also looked up places to get the item for as cheap as possible to make it easier for my mom, since she would be the one to pay for most of the makeup since I don't have a job. I only really narrowed it down to base makeup and an eyeshadow palette. Those are really two of the most important items.
1/19/2018: During this class I fixed all social media pages for my makeup project so that I can find people willing to let me practice on them. Since getting your makeup done is in high demand right now, it is not that hard to find faces to practice on. I also wanted to make sure my social media was all up to date with my business information so that people had a professional way of contacting me.
1/23/2018: Today I presented my thesis powerpoint, and after that, I listened to my classmates' and wrote them feedback notes.
1/25/2018: Today I watched thesis presentations and wrote my classmates notes.