12/13/2017: Today in thesis I sent my mom's tax return information to all of my schools that have accepted me so far, which took a long time, and I am also half way done with my term paper, so that's great.
12/7/2017: Today in thesis I worked on the outline and formatting of my term paper that is due this six weeks. I actually felt productive because I'm not waiting to do the paper at the last minute as usual. I feel pretty confident in my paper and what it has to offer because I've learned a lot so far about my particular topic.
12/1/2017: This day I worked on finishing the Terry Foundation Scholarship, and after that I looked for more local scholarships, and I found one that doesn't have many requirements, which allowed me to finish it in class. All I have to do for it to be submitted is to take my application and drop it off at a building in Desoto which is the city that I live in. I also wrote a rough draft essay for a separate scholarship that is offered for women in cyber security.
11/29/2017: Today in thesis we worked on college stuff. I began filling out my information for the Terry Scholarship at UTD, and I am almost done with it although it was a pretty long application. I also applied to more colleges that don't have much extra requirements like rec letters.
11/27/2017: Today in class we worked on our thesis projects. I updated my Instagram profile and uploaded pictures of the three makeup looks I have done so far. I also did research on wedding makeup look tips because I will be getting paid $360 for this event, so I want to make sure my skills are on point. I also researched what it took to become a certified makeup artist, but unfortunately that requires me to enroll at a cosmetology school which is way too expensive and unrealistic. Instead, I asked my mentor, my cousin and certified makeup artist what she suggests I do instead. We came up with a plan where I go with her to her some of her appointments to observe and learn, which I'm really looking forward to because I love the way she does makeup and I also learn most affectively by watching and trying to replicate her techniques.
11/16/2017: Today I worked on my thesis project. I did research to see how I could make my new thesis project really come together, and I made a document that really outlines exactly what I want to do. It's pretty much just a base line, but I have a lot of good ideas.
11/10/2017: In thesis class during this day I worked on college stuff. I've gotten accepted to four schools at this point, and I was looking at each college's website to see what the next steps would be at each school. One thing that really stood out was the fact that I need to get my meningitis shot!! I  guess this stuck with me because I really hate shots, but it is on my priority list for this weekend just so I won't worry about it anymore. After that, I did a cost estimator for each school, but honestly I don't really find that accurate in any way, so I kind of started having anxiety about how I'm going to pay for college. Because of this I started researching scholarships that apply to me at each of the schools, like the Mustang Scholarship at SMU, that I've gotten into so far and I started worrying less. I also looked up outside scholarships that included local ones to my house, and I started working on the application, including writing two essays.