9/14/17: Today I worked on my thesis presentation. I’m nearly complete with my entire PowerPoint that I will use during my presentation. I included details about the ACL, fun facts, pre-op/post-op details, and more. I also added visuals such as gifs and pictures. My outline is complete as well, and I’m really excited to present the information to my class.
9/12/2017: Today I completed the applications for The University of Alabama and The University of Arkansas. I also had to take some time to check with Mr. Mackey about whether or not I qualify for free and reduced lunch.
9/8/2017: In my Senior Thesis class I worked on deciding between two thesis topics. Both of the topics had to do with ACL tear recoveries. One topic was about which type of surgery was best for the athlete and the other topic was to try to come up with a plan of recovery/therapy exercises. My teacher helped me decide against the first topic because it would basically me doing a study of multiple studies that have already been conducted. After that, I started working on my intro for my first senior presentation. The link to that document is

9/6/2017: Today in my Senior Thesis class we worked on college related things. I took the entirety of the class to write a college essay responding to prompt 1, 2, 5, or 7 (depending on what I decide to make the overall idea). I printed out four copies to begin the process of editing, and I also scheduled editing time on Friday morning with Mr. Templet during this class time. Essay Link:
9/1/2017: I'm writing this late because I forgot to complete my entry on Friday night. During my Thesis class on Friday, I looked up thesis topics that I knew I'd be really interested in learning more about and putting together a whole project. Some topics I came up with are: hip hop culture in the 80's, 90's or 2000s and the effects of a certain type of music from that time period on the brain because listening to music engages every part of our brain; what makes Russ, or other young musci artists so successful so quickly; how to avoid student loan debt. I was really interested in making an accelerated rehab program for elite athlete females who tear their ACL, but I'm torn. I haven't decided just yet.
After this, I wrote a rough draft for one of my college essays responding to the prompt: "Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like…
8/30/2017: Today in my Senior Thesis class I focused mainly on college scholarships. I want to major in computer science specializing in cyber security, so I used that to start my research. I found three main scholarship programs that I qualify for.
The links to these are:

I also want to work for the FBI which I know requires an application and a heavy review by them, so I looked at things I can start to do now as a high school teenager. (

Lastly, I reviewed my list of items that I need to gather to apply to my college.